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Solid Drums – Video

We promised to do this and, after the usual messing about you seem to always get when making videos of any kind, ¬†we delivered. We’ve loaded all the Solid Drums Video Tutorials for the Kontakt KSP Plug-ins on to youTube.

Take a look at them in action, and marvel at our half-baked tutorial delivery….

They are available here on this page – which might not give you the best video quality, but you can check them out on the ChannelRobot youTube channel for the true HD experience.

You also get all these videos delivered in the “Useful Stuff” directory when you buy and download Solid Drums, so you can always have the full HD-experience¬†right on-hand:



Velocity, Groove & Tune:


Fill, Flam & Grace:


Phrase Player:


Random Sounder, Swoop, DrumPan & Glitch


The Multi! – Kit Designer


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