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Solid Drums – Available Now!!!!

We’re pleased to announced the immediate availability of Solid Drums V1.0 our first audio sample library featuring over 1.7 GB of wav files, Kontakt, Battery and Guru Kits, MIDI files and KSP plug-ins.

Solid Drums was designed as a “foundation library” strong on high quality flexible samples for standard kits and percussion. Check out the sound samples here.

Solid Drums features over 100 kits, more than 470 instruments utilising some (but not all) of over 16,000 24-bit hand crafted wav files and more than 20 Kontakt 3+ compatible custom built KSP scripts, each designed with drum programming in mind.

Solid Drums V1.0 is available for download now at an unheard of price of US$29.00 24.95, yep you read that right, just $29.00 $24.95. Yep even cheaper.

Already convinced? Well head over to our new on-line store and get your self a copy

NOTE:  The kits in the library only work with Battery 2 (or greater), Kontakt 3(or greater) and GURU 1.0

What some of our beta testers said:

“Wow, these are very clean samples with lots of dynamics and a really big range, I’m really impressed by the effort that’s gone into this set..” – CJ. Oregan USA

“What’s really nice here is the great range of percussion instruments that are represented, you don’t get that in many drum libraries” – Gunther. Berlin Germany

“How much did you say you were selling this stuff for? You are crazy, it’s worth it for the KSP Scripts alone!” – Mark. Manchester England.

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