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Kontakt Developer Diary

So I’ve been doing a bit of a strange thing lately… I’ve been observing myself, well more specifically watching myself build iterations of Kontakt instruments. Building instruments is (for me at least) a long series of small incremental steps, some work out and get to stay in the end product some don’t. But I started to try and define a set of guidelines for myself about when(and if) to work on a feature I think up. Should I add things in straight away? Wait a bit until I have a clean(er) plate, and I’ve done more thinking? When? As part of this process I realised that (for me at least) it might be useful to document the build out process for one or more instruments, so I can see whats working and what might not be.
I don’t have an all new product to use right now as my guinea pig, but I do have the next version of an existing product(Slice), so I decided to use that. Now like many things (and here already is an admission) I got the idea for doing this after I’d started building the next version of Slice, sigh. So yes it may have been better to start day 1 with this (huh) “diary”, but I didn’t have the idea at the ideal time so I’ll do a few weeks of backtracking here, and try to be as honest as possible about what went on. Look for “Part 1 – REALITY” where I look at the situation I was/am faced the next week.

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