The Modernist 2.0



The Modernist 2.0 – a tuned percussion instrument.

Download the demo here (times out after 15 mins).

The Modernist 2.0 is a four voice system, that is focused on reproducing detailed and varied samples of tuned percussion instruments.
The Modernist 2.0 is a total rewrite of The Modernist engine, and increases the available sounds from the 20 found in The Modernist Collection V1 to 28 voices.

The 28 different sound sets are:

  • Glock Voice1
  • Glock Voice2
  • Glock Voice3
  • Glock Voice4
  • Kalimba Voice1
  • Kalimba Voice2
  • Kalimba Voice3
  • Kalimba Voice4
  • Marimba Voice1
  • Marimba Voice2
  • Marimba Voice3
  • Marimba Voice4
  • Vibes Voice1
  • Vibes Voice2
  • Vibes Voice3
  • Vibes Voice4
  • Xylo Voice1
  • Xylo Voice2
  • Xylo Voice3
  • Xylo Voice4
  • Carillionist
  • CelestaOne
  • CelestaTwo
  • DrumBells
  • IceCreamVan
  • MusicBox
  • WindChimes
  • WoodenBells

Each voice has a range of sound shaping and modulating capabilities. Also included are a set of master effects, tremolo effects and an arpeggiator.

Includes Windows stand-alone application and VST plug-in, MacOS Stand-Alone application and VST and AU plugins.

Download the demo here (times out after 15 mins).


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