LoopBoss, is designed to let you boss your loops. A multi-effect, multi-band processor that lets you separate your loop out into 4 different frequency bands and process each individually, then combine them back and add in as much wet/dry mix as you want. Modify your loop to your hearts content, from subtle changes to extreme results, make the loops you use completely your own and completely fit with your project.


(Download the installer for your OS and all the data files)

Separate your loop signal into 4 different frequencies using the simple to use drag-based interface that lets you set the cross-over points and the volume of each band. Drag the vertical bands left and right to set, and show the cross-over points. Drag the horizontal coloured lines to set, and display the gain in each band.


Mute and Solo controls to allow you to preview and include/exclude the signal in each band


Manage the transient in your loop with a visual and easy to use switchable envelope follower. Emphasis the attack, remove the reverb, add fades or punch all are possible with clear visual feedback on what’s happening to the signal, as well as controls to boost or reduce the signal as a percentage(Mult) or by a fixed amount(Lift).


A multi-node eq system that lets you change each band in any way you like. Apply low-pass, high-pass, low-shelf, high-shelf or peak based nodes to your signal. Our EQ uses a simple click-and drag system to set up your eq, with unlimited nodes for amazing fine tuning. Expand the edit area for even more control over your eq placement and design.


A switchable soft-knee compressor to even out the contents of each band. From transparent to aggressive, the choice is yours with all the usual classic compressor controls.


A switchable pitch shifter allows you to up-shift, or down-shift your band signal up to an octave. Controls to allow you to make the shift transparent (x-fade and window) no matter what the source material. Add punch to your low-end kick, add snap to your snare, then use the individual wet/dry mix to add in as much original/altered signal as you like.


A switchable non-linear distortion to add bite and crunch to your in-band signal, with controls to set the style and character of your distortion, as well as a wet/dry mix to get that perfect balance.


A simple an effective preset system that allows you to save and favourite presets

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