Kick Factory 2


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    Formats:Windows VST. Mac VST, Mac AU

Kick Factory 2 – a plug-in dedicated to creating great kick sounds.

Note: Updated presets available – download at the bottom of this page.

At some point in every producers career they want at least one, if not more, unique selling points and (as world famous producer Trevor Horne says) one of the best ways to stand-out from the crowd is to use original sounds, and there’s no more visible and important place for that than in your drum tracks.  The factory series, Kick Factory 2 in this case, is set up to easily, quickly and efficiently get you one-off drum sounds that fit well with your track and stand out (just enough) as not sounding like anyone else.

Kick Factory 2 is a sample based instrument – it uses three layers – in each layer you can select any of the 738 meticulously sampled different kick drums (way more than any other Kick Drum module we know of), so the combinations of sounds is huge. We’ve sampled a wide range of analog drum kits, iconic drum machines and some obscure drum machines too. Each layer then has a range of modules to affect the sound, a multi-mode filter, an FM processor, a wave-shaper, reverb, delay and a compressor. Finally in the sound shaping area there are a set of modulators, for velocity, pitch and filter frequency. All this gives you complete flexibility in getting the sound you are looking for.

There’s an intelligent randomisation system for the whole instrument – and another for each voice. So getting to new, interesting and useful sounds is enjoyable and really quick.

Every kick drum sound you use in Kick Factory 2 comes in three different snapshots – a powerful facility that gives you three different kick sounds available at the same time. Snapshots are like parameter locks on steroids, you can have two snapshots that vary by just one effect parameter, say filter frequency, or that vary every single parameter – so snapshots can go from subtly different sounds to wildly different sounds – your choice.

Finally there’s a master volume control and our Infinite Round Robin Engine (IRRE) which modifies the sound on every incoming note, your not stuck with 5, 10 or even 20 round robins – this system produces millions of subtly different sounds – slightly changed for every note played. How different each hit sounds is up to you.

So stand out from the crowd. Get rid of the frustration searching for drum sounds then layering and tweaking to get anywhere near what you are after – in your hands Kick Factory 2 will produce the kick sounds you need and that are like no others.

Buy Kick Factory 2 and we will send you an authorisation code (one time entry – no calling home, no internet required, use on any machine you own) that will activate the demo that you can download above.


  • Windows: 64-bit VST plug-in
  • Mac VST plug-in, AU plug-in


Kick Factory 2 includes a range of demo presets – and a flexible preset system – we noticed after release that some of these presets run a little “hot” – so here are the presets attenuated to be more even. Plus we added another 5 presets to each sub-category – so that’s an additional 20 presets. If you download them and extract them then you can load them into Kick Factory 2 using the preset “More” menu on the left of the presets frame:





A random collection of the included presets – Each “pattern” plays snapshot 1, then 2 then 3 then a short combination.

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