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KeyTone for Kontakt 5.8.1+ (FULL)

KeyTone is a dual voice keyboard sounds ROMpler. Our starting point here was that the world doesn’t need another multi-gig multi-sampled grand piano ROMpler, nor does it need more Rhodes or Whirlitzer instruments. Those bases are pretty much covered. Instead we wanted to make a quick and easy-to-use ROMpler that would let you define your own unique piano/keys sounds.

200 Instruments

There are the over 200 instruments sampled and included in KeyTone these were meticulously recorded, edited and mastered using our analogue valve based system, including passing each sound through our dedicated 1970’s Akai valve pre-amp and then copying everything through our Revox B77 tape machine loaded with vintage (but pristine) British Zonal 675 tape. It’s a long, slow process but we think the resulting sounds are worth it. All 200+ instruments are available through our category-based voice selector. Choose from categories, set favourites, audition sounds as you go.

Voice Randomisation

Setting up and using new sounds in KeyTone couldn’t be simpler – we’ve spent a long time refining our Voice Randomisation engine to the point where new and interesting sounds are just one click (of the Voice Randomising button) away.

Overview & Detail

We’ve added the all-new Overview tab so getting to the most important controls is quick and easy, but we’ve kept all the detailed control in KeyTone, with “classic” synthesis controls, like envelopes and filters, for sculpting and shaping modern innovative and original sounds quickly and efficiently. You can find these in the Detail tab.

Modulation System

Several of the controls on the DESIGNER page have a small “dot button” either next to their name, or below the value display. These controls turn on, and off, a dedicated modulator for each of these controls.


Again as usual we’ve included our innovative Arp-Sequencer, a customer favourite, easy to use and powerful – you’ll quickly be building unique keyboard based riffs.


KeyTone has 4 independent rhythmic gates, two per voice. Each Gate has the same control set, and for each voice Gate A feeds its signal into Gate B – so you can get complex polyrhythmic effects pretty quickly.

Voice Effects

KeyTone has four independent effect slots for each voice. In the effects tab you will see you can select each voice and then in each slot you can select one of 20 different effects.

Send Effects

The Sends page allows you to set four different send effects. Each slot allows you to select any of the available effects: Reverb, Delay, Chorus, Flanger, Phaser or Convolution. Click on an effect name to load that effect into its slot or to turn off effects in that slot.

Snapshots & Presets

On top of all these controls we’ve provided over 200 snapshots of full-instrument sounds, as well as over 100 voice-presets, 30 gate presets, and 50 ARP presets.
Also included are our innovative ARP/seq page and multi-mode gate system, as well as the usual 4-slot send effects and 4-slots per voice in-line effects.


Audio Demos


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