4 x Loop Players

Kontakt 5.8.1+

Full Version of Kontakt

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FourTune is 4 independent loop engines combined into one Kontakt engine. FourTune includes 1,000 loops – combine any 4 together to create your own unique groove.

Select any loop-group (contains up to 20 loops in each group) – the loop browser uses categories and sub-categories as well as favourites allowing quick and easy access:

FourTune’s loop engines each allows you to set a “play-back pattern” – a sequence of any of the 32 slices that make up each loop – making each loop into a hugely variable number of playback options.

You have ultimate control of volume, tempo, and pan of each loop and for even finer-grained control you can set up each of the 32-slices in a loop to have its own volume, pan, pitch, envelope, effects, sends and drill.

There’s intelligent randomisation – so you can get brand new content quickly and easily, 4 effect slots (with 20 effect options) for each loop and 4 send effects (each with 6 effect options).

When its running you can alt-click on any slice to get the loop player to retrigger from that slice, or latch all the slices on the current loop (all this with quantisation so you stay in-sync with your DAW).

Key-switches to allow you to mute/unmute each playing loop.

Key-switches to allow you to swap out the loop for another in its loop-group.

Finally on the main page assign any two controls to each of the 4 macro knobs to give you real time play-ablity.

Each loop player has 4 dedicated Effects slots that you can add/remove for each slice of the playing loop, 20 different effects to select from in each slot:

4 Send effect slots – add any of 6 send effects into each slot:

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