Hearing testing and compensation.

For all of us over the age of about 18, our hearing is failing. Slowly for some, quicker for others. The older you are the worse its likely to be, and it’s made considerably worse by long period listening to or playing loud music. Does that sound like someone you know? Your high frequency capabilities will start to fail as you age and (ab)use your hearing.

So whilst getting the best monitors you can afford and applying the finest room treatment is something we all aspire to, and it’s something you should definitely do to improve your chances of a great mix, the thing we are all forgetting is our ears, we all assume there’s no problem there….. wrong. But Eardition is here to help.

Eardition is an audio test suite – for the human in the room – that builds a profile of your higher end hearing capabilities thru each of the systems you use (speakers or headphones). So to some extent its also accounting for the high-end problems inherent in both your listening systems and your hearing by testing you and not the system. Run as many tests as you like on as many sets of headphones, speakers or rooms that you like, and save each profile you generate. Each profile then builds a multiband eq set-up that you can run across your master bus to compensate for your hearing losses, you can bypass the set-up or even dial it down at any point in your mix session. When your session is complete, just bypass the eq for your final mix.

MacOS: (Universal Binary) – VST3 and AU

Windows: VST3