DuoTone Collection


DuoTone Collection

DuoTone Collection is all 8 effects in the DuoTone 2 series bundled together – with a shared installer and serial number for ease of access and setup. Not to mention the discounted price. Well now we’ve mentioned it this is $284.00 of value currently for only $180.00, so that’s a saving of over $100.00.

DuoTone: A Unique multi-channel approach to effects.

Each DuoTone plugin uses our unique approach to audio routing to give you a whole new way of working with effects. DuoTone effects share a common approach to audio routing, so when you learn how to use one plugin then you’ve learned them all. Each DuoTone plugin takes the in-bound audio, applies a volume control and then splits the audio signal into three separate paths: the A Channel, the B Channel and the Dry Channel

The Dry channel is just that – no effect applied, but you can add a fixed delay (for those double-tracking effects) and its own volume(gain) control.

The A Channel and the B Channel have similar layouts, each starts with a parametric eq, with unlimited nodes, that allows you to shape the inbound signal to your liking before it enters the effect, then comes the effect itself – with all the controls you will ever need – followed by a pan control and an independent gain control.

Series or Parallel. DuoTone effects allow you to set up in series or parallel. In parallel the inbound audio is routed to both the A Channel and the B Channel at the same time. In series, the B Channel is turned off, and a second independent duplicate effect is inserted into the A Channel, the C Effect, so you get two effects (A and C) one after the other each with separate independent configurations.

Finally the signals are combined onto the output section where again you can set the stereo width and overall gain. This set up allows you to get subtle or drastic audio effects quickly and easily. DuoTone effects come with a preset system – with a small set of presets to get you started – so you can keep your preferred layout across all your projects.

DuoTone Collection

Chorus: The DuoTone Chorus has been completely re-worked for version 2, we wanted a lush chorus that gave us all those sounds from our 70s Roland Chorus hardware.

Compressor: Again – completely reworked for version 2. Here we wanted a more flexible and transparent compressor.

Delay: This time the addition of two more Delay methods, a true-ping-pong delay and a tape delay.

Distortion: Replacing the DuoTone Shaper we took the Shaper effect and added two more – Dirt and Dist for more grimey and distorted results

Flanger: A whole new effect, but again we were aiming at those smooth anolog-y flangers we’d found in our hardware collections

Gate: There wasn’t much to change here, so we gave it an all new UI and left it at that.

Phaser: Again a whole new more comprehensive approach to phaser effects, with a lot more controls over how it generated its results – to be fair we may have gone a bit over the top on the controls with this one.

Tremolo: Again it seemed just fine – so we updated the UI and left it at that.

DuoTone products ship as Windows 64-bit VST3 and MacOS VST3 and AU plug-ins.


Audio Demos

CHORUS: Repeat offender

DISTORTION: All Together