Plug-In Development

Here are a Channel Robot we’ve built a lot of virtual instruments for a lot of people, and these days we recommend the way to do this is to build stand-alone, VST or AU plug-ins. It gets you to the widest possible audience and thus the best chance at sales success.

Then we build it for you. We can design the graphical layout of your product (with our GUI design partners), or take your provided graphics and then build the product using these graphics, your sounds and our code.

We can build to your spec. or help you design the product from the ground up. We do the heavy-lifting, coding, set-up, sound loading and testing, and then deliver stand-alone, VST or AU plugins for your platforms of choice. We cover Windows, Mac and iOS (iPad) 32-bit and 64-bit.

We offer a number of approaches to payment including revenue sharing or straight fee-for-service.

Contact us and we can talk about how we can help you get to your dream VST, AU or stand-alone product.