Player One

The complete ROMpler player solution


PlayerOne is a 4 independent voice playback system that loads sample based content into each voice. PlayerOne is designed to be expandable with an ever increasing number of sound and preset expansion packs. So the end user can load any sound from any expansion pack they own into any of PlayerOne’s 4 voices.

Ease of use at the forefront

PlayerOne has a clean, unintimidating, easy to understand interface, using a vector based drawing approach it is designed to be skinable, quick to load and easy to use with only two main pages to select from.

Everything you need on the first page

The Master page of PlayerOne offers a huge amount of control over the sounds you can make: Control the global overall Filter, with 8 different filter types, along with its dedicated LFO. Manage the saturation levels and the IRRE (Infinite Round Robin Engine) as well as analog like pitch drift. Select any of the (currently) 13 different unique and powerful effects in each of the 4 dedicated master effect slots. randomise voices, filters and effects, on a per voice level or across all 4 voices.

X/Y your way to new sounds

The XY pad allows users to build ever changing modulating sound sources as they change volume levels of the 4 voices by moving the XY control. XY movements can be recorded, saved and loaded, then played forwards or forwards-backwards at different speeds. Retrigger on new note or have the playback in free running mode.

Everything you’d ever want on the second page

The Editor page offers users deep and powerful control over each voice. Each voice offers:

  • Solo and Mute
  • Sample Sound selection – using a tag based sound browser
  • Volume, Pan, Pitch and Sample playback start offset
  • Sample reverse playback, and phase invert
  • Playback range selection – to assign samples to areas of the keyboard of your choosing
  • Assignable Voice Gain Envelope – with depth setting
  • Tremolo and Vibrato, again with depth
  • Voice gain modulation by velocity or key position, with depth control
  • Voice unison control with amount, spread and detune
  • MultiMode filter with 8 different filter types to select from
  • Assignable Filter Envelope, assignable LFO and velocity and key modulators
  • Set a voice as Mono or polyphonic
  • Glide controls on/off and speed control
  • Set levels for each of the 4 send effects

Centre panel for more options

The Centre panel offers control and use of Modulators, Envelopes, Send Effects and Expansion set up and use.

All the Modulators you will need

There are 6 independent LFOs, freely assignable from the drop down boxes in the editor panel, or by dragging the LFO to the target. In addition there are two Key position modulators, and two velocity modulators. Modulator shapes are displayed in the centre panel, double click them to get full editorial control over the modulator:

Select from any of the 7 different shapes for modulators, including custom, where you can freely draw your own LFO shape, set the LFO speed, fade-in, smoothing, master depth, velocity amount and phase offset. Decide if the LFO is one-shot, or looping, retriggered on new note and synced to the DAW tempo. For custom LFOs we’ve added several useful shapes to get you going and the ability to copy and paste between modulators

All the Envelopes you could need

Like modulators, you can drag and drop envelopes to targets or assign them in the targets drop-down menu. Also like modulators the centre panel shows you the current shape of the envelope. Again like modulators double click one to open its editor:

Set Attack, Hold, Decay Sustain and Release for each envelope

Send away….

There are 4 independent send effect slots, in the centre panel you can assign any of the currently 13 different effects to any slot, set a return gain and stereo width.

Twice the Arp…

PlayerOne has two independent arpeggiators, each with the standard arp controls for direction, steps, tempo, swing etc. Each arp can be assigned(or not) to any one of the arpeggiators – so you can have some voices running the arp and some playing as normal, your call.

Expansions, the point of all this…

PlayerOne is designed to load and playback expansions, sample sets and presets that expand the users palette of sounds in any way they desire, all they need do is buy the expansion set they need.

The centre panel for expansions shows the currently loaded expansions, and offers the user an in-player way to add new expansions. They simply click on “Add New Expansion”…

…browse to the folder where they downloaded the expansion, and PlayerOne does the rest.

About those FX…..

Yeah theres a lot – and the list is about to get a lot bigger – with plans for new filter types, Korg and Oberheim, autowah, and a pultec like EQ – but the current list is pretty comprehensive and sounds great including tape based delays, a “black-hole inspired” effect called White Dwarf, plate and algo. reverbs etc etc.

Whats this IRRE thing?

We’ve had and been refining our Infinite Round Robin engine for over 5 years. It provides a meaningful and effective replacement for massive libraires of round-robin based samples. IRRE is user set able and allows a per note control of eq, pitch and timing – effectively all the things that round-robins give you, only now were are not limited to just 8 or 16 alternate sounds, now we have a near infinite subtle variation of sound.

Installers? Why yes of course…

PlayerOne comes of course with its own dedicated installer for each of the platforms it runs on (currently Windows and MacOS). Expansions don’t need a separate installer, PlayerOne handles that, the user just downloads the expansion and points PlayerOne at it.


Yeah we can all get our stuff stolen, so PlayerOne uses encrypted audio, so its not sitting around on disk for anyone to use, and has an RSA encryption system for the expansions themselves. Will this stop piracy? Not for ever it wont, but right now its better than almost every other Sample player on the market.


We’re looking at licensing right now so give us a call and we can provide you with an NFR download and a couple of expansions to go with it: