Our Products

Over the years we’ve developed a range of unique and interesting products, both on our own and with development partners like Audio Reward, Zero-G and Drum Drops. You can certainly buy any of these products, though we think the Everything 4 Ever membership might be a better bet. It’s cheaper for a start. Checkout Everything 4 Ever, you might be surprised and pleased. But if straight ahead purchase is your choice then please feel free to head over to our shop, where many of these products are on permanent sale.

There’s also a list of tasteful, trustworthy and smart vendors below where you can buy the fine products listed here.



     Motion £50.00

     KeyTone £50.00

   Orchestral Dust £65.00

Electria £15.00

    Mechia £15.00

   Atmosia £15.00

   The Modernist Xylophone £22.50

   The Modernist Glockenspiel £22.50

   Folio Bass £75.00
   Drum Factory Bundle – All 5  Drum factories £25.00
   Slice Bundle – All 6 Slice products £75.00
   Recoil – Innovative Drum Sound Designer £35.00
   Grid Machine Drums – All 4 GM Drum Machines £35.00
   Grid Machine Bundle – All 4 machines £35.00

Our products can be found in our shop and these days on the following sites:


KVR Marketplace