So here is where we keep demo versions of products and the free downloads, these instruments are only available to members of the site, so  Log-in, or Register (from the log-in menu above) then come back here to get access to the demos and free products we are currently offering.

Oh and if you do join we promise not to spam you with too much email.

Check our privacy policy from the About page to be assured we are serious about your privacy.

Here’s a list of whats currently available:


  • SARP – Our innovative Sequencing Arperggiator
  • Slice – IDM V4
  • Free Grid Machine Matrix
  • Free Grid Machine Matrix – Drums
  • Free Grid Machine Chain

there is also a free Grid Machine Matrix product and now Free Grid Machine Chain – Drums and Free Grid Machine Matrix – Drums as well. Sign up to get access.


If you sign up with us you can get access to demos of our products. Demos have the following restrictions: After 15 minutes they begin to play intermittently – ignoring midi note in and curtailing the audio every few seconds.

All the functionality and all the snapshots are included, but only one (or sometimes two) octaves of audio is included. Restarting the instrument will make the product jump to its on/off state, so you will have to reload the instrument to get another 15 mins.

You can save any snapshots you make and these will be loadable into the full version of the product.

Note: if the demos convince you to buy one of our products the most economic way of getting them (all of them) is to join our Everything-4-Ever membership program, more details here: Everything-4-Ever.

Current demos are:

  • Orchestral Dust
  • KeyTone


So sign up now!

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