These days many many of the products I sell here have “demo versions”. I put that in quotes because the demo version actually *is* the product – its just not authorised. When you start one of our VST/AU plugins for the first time it will ask you for your serial number – we send you this via email when you buy a product. But if you don’t have a serial number, because you are just trying the product out to see if it fits for you, then you can press the “Demo” button. The product will run for 15 mins, then stop making noises. You will have to restart it and go thru the process again – you get 10 try-outs – so thats a total of 2.5 hours of demo time, which should be enough to see if it fits for you.


..and then theres the free stuff, which is all Kontakt based – its old – its what I used to do – I apologise…


Welcome to SARP – a free stand alone arpeggiator-instrument.

Sometimes its easier to just do rather than say, and this unique and creative arpeggiator is one such time. I’ve used the engine inside SARP in a range of products, Folio Bass, Phenomena, and others.

I wanted to give you an opportunity to try the sequencer for free so you can learn how to use it to its potential before you purchase any of the full products that use the same arp. So here it is stand-alone and for-free.

SARP showcases an advanced ‘Multi-key’ sequencer. Unlike other sequencers, this enables you to run up to 8 different sequencers at the same time- based on how many and which notes are pressed on your keyboard. The first lane corresponds to the first key pressed, the second lane to the second key and so on. It’s incredibly flexible and easy to use.

There’s only 8 voices to select from (2 Basses from Folio Bass, 2 voices from Phenomena, 2 from KeyTone and 2 drum kits from the never released Folio Drums), so it’s never going to be your go-to sound source, but for creative poly-rhythmic arpeggiations I think its unsurpassed.

You can make Kontakt send midi notes out so you can even place your sound-source-of-choice right after SARP-Kontakt in your DAW to get arpeggiated sequences using other instruments. So it should be really really useful straight out of the box.


Grid Machine Free Chain – Drums

This is an example of the Grid Machines when loaded with drum sounds, download it and try it out. This ISNT going to give you 4-on-the-floor patterns(but I figure you likely have that covered) but if more outlandish and original drum patterns are what you want then look no further. If it works for you there’s a whole product collection of Grid Machine Drums available in the shop.

Free Chain features sounds from 10 “classic” drum machines (an 808, 909, the Bentley Rhythm Ace,Korg KR-55, Linn LM-1 etc – yes your definition of classic and mine may differ). These have all been passed through my  analogue/valve amp/tape machine mastering process and come out sounding all the better for it.

Usual process: download and uncompress the rar file and place it somewhere you can get to from the Kontakt file browser, open Kontakt, go there, load the instrument, press the red key….



Grid Machine Free Matrix – Drums

So not to be confused with the Free Matrix below(which has chromatic sounds in it) this is Free Matrix – Drums, which uses the same 10 drum kits used in Free Chain – Drums



Grid Machine Free Matrix

Here’s the free Grid Machine Matrix instrument, down load it and try it out. You will see just how easy to use and powerful this is. The Matrix instruments are a great way to generate new interesting and different melodic lines.

Please Note: Free Matrix features 8 of the cursor shapes and two of the available scales(Major and Minor) from the full product.

Simply download the rar file, un-compress and place the resulting output in a folder you can get to from Kontakt.

There are video walkthrus at Kontakt Hub so check those out too, and if you like this then there area slew more Matrix and GridMachine products in the shop

Grid Machine Free Matrix


If you are here looking for FreeForm, then I’m afraid I’ve decided it was time to retire FreeForm, it was  long in the tooth and didnt reflect the level of sophistication and quality of the current product range. You may be able to find it in the interwebs somewhere…