Everything-4-Ever - Release Schedule

Here’s whats available right now, and whats coming this year….

 The Slice Bundle  All 6 Slice products  Out now!
 The Grid Machine Collection  All 4 Grid Machine products  Out now!
 Grid Machine Drums  Collection  All 4 Grid Machine Drums.  Out now!
 Drum Factory Collection  All 5 Drum Factory products.  Out now!
 Recoil  Recoil is a quad-voice sound engine  Out now!
 Folio Bass  A dual voice Bass ROMpler with 300+ sounds  Out Now
 The Modernist Glockenspiel  A modern easy to use Glockenspiel ROMpler  Out Now!
 The Modernist Xylophone  A modern easy to use Xylophone ROMpler  Out Now!
 Ambicon  A set of Ambient/atmospheric presets for UVI Falcon  Out Now!
 Atmosia  An atmospheric drone engine  Out Now!
 Mechia  An drone engine based around mechanical sounds  Out Now!
 Electria  A dual voice ROMpler aimed Electric Guitar Sounds  Out Now!
 Tempus  A 500+ voice Granular time machine  April 2019
 The Modernist Marimba  A modern easy to use Marimba ROMpler  April 2019
 KILO  A 3 Voice subtractive synth with a choice of 1,000 oscillator types  May 2019
 The Modernist Vibes  A modern easy to use Vibe ROMpler  June 2019
 MOTION  A 1,000 Voice ROMpler System like no other  July 2019
 The Modernist Kalimba  A modern easy to use Kalimba ROMpler  Aug 2019
 MPCX  Our take on the ultimate Drum Machine  Sept 2019

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