Covid-19 #StayHome

Dear musicians, producers and friends,

I hope you and your loved ones are safe and well.

During this challenging time, many of you were, and maybe continue to be facing lockdowns. I want you to know we here at CR are doing our best to keep you entertained, and help you be creative.

So whilst all of us had to stay in-doors I thought it would be good to give you something new to play with. So I did, offering a range of products as free downloads from the CR back catalogue.

Hopefully this piqued your interest and you had fun with them – if you missed them then I’m sorry but I’m are all out of back catalogue give-aways, so we’re done.

So I hope you stayed safe, and continue to do so and did I mention there’s lots of more “current stuff here at CR? – check out the shop for the latest and greatest.