Tech Vocal Grid out now

techgridcoverOk so the second release from Functional Machines, our collaboration with the awesome Function Loops, is out now on producer loops, and is the first release using Grid Machine Slice V2!

‘Tech Vocals Grid’ from Functional Machines is the second release of the killer combination from Channel Robot and Function Loops. Inside this outstanding product you will find 216 of the finest glitched vocal loops, collected from top-selling Function Loops sample packs and the unique Channel Robot Kontakt instrument, Grid Machine//Slice, this time V2.0!
Grid Machine//Slice V2 provides all the functionality of Grid Machine//Slice. Cut, chop, stutter, reverse, mix, and more with the following new features:

• All loops are now available in a single interface, use any combination of 12 loops together
• Load and use up to 12 patterns from the library provided on disk
• Step record, edit and save your own patterns and those provided on disk
• New “randomise slice” feature, creates ever-changing loops
• Variable repeats for each slice, each slice can have its own repeat amount set
• AHD Envelope for every sound, retriggers on each slice with modulation options
• Every parameter in every FX is now a modulation target
• 10 freely assignable Step modulators, with variable number of steps
• Step sequencing for loops and patterns
• New cleaner interface

‘Tech Vocals Grid’ fits perfectly in House, Techno, Tech-House, Minimal, Trance, Dubstep, Glitch and beyond.
So get ready to experiment with Functional Machines and get your own unique sound in seconds!

Please Note: You will need the full version of Kontakt 5.0.3 to use this instrument.

Grid Machine-PULSE- out now


GRID MACHINE PULSE, machine number 4 from the grid machine series comes set up to deliver strange unique melodic grooves for use in every genre of modern electronic music. From every type of cinematic piece, thru house melodic parts and on into downtempo atmospheric hooks. (more…)

Grid Machine//CHAIN released now

The third in the ever growing collection of Grid Machine products is now available from loop masters.

Chain is a unique and novel beast,  delivering strange cascading melodic grooves for use in every genre of modern electronic music. From simple Philip-Glass-like endless repeats, thru house  key parts and on into downtempo atmospheric hooks. Not just simple 4/4 grooves either, Chain can build bubbling strange time signatures thru three/four, five/four, six four time and on. Anything that needs a melodic twist, or any time you need melodic inspiration Chain is there to provide the input.

You can use the internal sounds or route Kontakt to your favourite synth for your own entirely unique compositions.

Featuring 50 sound banks custom designed and multi-sampled for use in Grid Machine Chain.

Endless engaging varying patterns are available at your fingertips. All this from a new approach to sequencing, that will have you building completely original tracks straight away.

Check it out at loopmasters

First Volume of MATRIX released!

The second instrument in the GM series is Grid Machine//Matrix, and its out now, with 50 instrument and a little playable experimental arppegiator thrown in using the same sample sets…check it out at loopmasters

Catching up on the releases….electron/IDM

OK catching up on releases, this has been out for some time now, a few months in fact, but just in case you missed it, Electron (or as its called now IDM Drum Machine) is out now, another in the Grid Machine//Slice instruments.

Check it out here

Grid Machine Slice – First instrument coming soon

The first instrument in the Kontakt Grid Machine series: Grid Machine // Slice is on its way! We’ve finished in Beta testing, done the manual, and added the presets. Unlike our other product(s) this one will be distributed by a third party, we’ll let everyone know when its up and available. Look out for lots of info  on what’s included in the next couple of weeks.

Suffice to say we think the Grid Machine Series is a radical departure from what’s available in the sample library space, its a virtual instrument with outrageous amounts of playability and features…