Ambicon For UVI Falcon


Welcome to Ambicon a set of Ambient/Atmospheric presets for UVI Falcon, built to offer ever shifting and changing timbres producing cinematic, hypnotic atmospheres, expansive soundscapes, shifting drones, dark ambiences, padscapes, and pulses.

Designed for cinematic, TV/Film work, underscores, ambient and experimental compositions of all kinds.

Ambicon make extensive use of the IRCAM granular and multi-granular engines, and includes hand-built source material designed for use in granular engines.

Ambicon includes:

50 dual voice presets each featuring two granular voices with their own independent filter, frequency shifter and trance gate.

12 presets also include a third pluck voice for realistic instrumental attack sounds.

Over 170MB of unique wave file data for the granular engines.

In-line Delay and Reverb effects

10 Falcon Multis for even more ambient atmospheric textures.