About Everything-4-Ever

Our Everything-4-Ever was a simple proposition. You joined and you got everything we had ever done, or would do, you got to download all of it, as often as you liked,  and you got to keep it for ever, even if you canceled your membership. It was simple, great value for money, and a nearly complete failure. No one joined.

So I posted on a few forums asking why people didn’t sign up. The answers were :

  1. Everybody hates subscription services
  2. It’s too good to be true – so we dont trust it.

Yep, really. Well it was a fair bit more complicated than that but that’s the core of it. There were also a few other comments about this site, our branding, and the clarity of the message. But even people who got past our branding, design and marketing still didn’t sign up. In fact it became clear E4E was actually harming our brand, as were (it turned out) our prices.

So if you are here looking to sign up to the amazing deal that was E4E then I’m sorry, it’s no longer here. If you are here looking for those very very cheap prices for products they are gone(or going) too. But look out for our sales – where those prices will and do make a major comeback.

Until then thanks a lot for visiting, and thanks to all those potential customers who gave us very honest feedback about E4E.