About Everything-4-Ever

Our Everything-4-Ever is a simple proposition. You join and you get everything we have ever done, or will do, you get to download all of it, as often as you like,  and you get to keep it for ever, even if you cancel your membership. It’s that simple. No catches, no online-authorisation, no web-look-up/lock out, none of that stuff.

So lets get to one of the important parts straight away, price. Everything-4-Ever is £8.95/month.

Yep, really. Less than a round in the pub or coffee shop,  less than a decent set of guitar strings, and you can leave any time you like and you get to keep, and continue to use, everything you’ve ever downloaded up to that point.

There is no authorisation process to go thru for the service or any of the products – unlike our “for sale” versions – instead we “pre-bake” your authorisation codes into your download, so you can get up and running straight away.

So one of the first thing people ask about E4E is “why wouldn’t I just join for one month, download everything and then leave?” and sure you can do that, no problems. But we think there’s a whole range of reasons why you might not want to, here they are:

New Stuff

Our release schedule shows we will release a new product every month for the foreseeable future – we’ve spent a long time building this “back-log”, so they are all great products, as soon as you leave you start missing out on these. Check our release-road-map here.


Not only do we release new stuff but we release updates to existing products. These are often new features and additional sounds as well as the occasional bug fix. Again if you leave you wouldn’t get any of these.


Of course you know who you are getting this from, and that its not some shady pirate web-site with versions of products hacked to include nasty malware, it’s just our work pure and simple.


Whilst you are a member you can get access to our product set from anywhere, whether you are out collaborating in a studio in Rio (lucky you) or at home in your own space or anywhere in between, as long as you have an internet connection you can download our stuff to your machine.


We love it when people buy our products (obviously) but to be honest we mostly dont know who those people are. Purchase one or more of our products and you’ll need to do so through one of the distribution web-sites, and they certainly wont tell us your name or email address. So at that point you can email us and we promise to listen. But to be frank, we listen most to those here who are members, speaking of which…


It’s a family really. So you are amongst friends, so there is help available right here. just email us if you have questions on the products in E4E.


Finally there’s that nice feeling that you’re doing something good. Plus if you think the products are worth it then the only way we can continue to do this is if we get paid to do it. We’d be fine doing this for the love of it, but the man at the supermarket wont take “love of it” as payment on our groceries.

Sounds good yeah?