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Solid Bass – First cut designs

OK so we’ve been planning what should and shouldnt go into Solid Bass, here’s what we’ve got so far:

Real Basses through real amps(and cabinets):

  • Yamaha Bass
  • Fender Precision
  • Rick 400 series

— all of the above through the following:

  • DI’ed into our analog desk
  • Roland Jazz Chorus
  • Fender BassMan
  • MesaBoogie (of some sort)
  • Vox AC30 (carefully, its old and fragile…)

Synth Basses (again through a similar range of amp/speaker combos):

  • Ensoniq ESQ1 sounds: A range of bass patches from this analog/digital hybrid (the basses are amongst what this thing is famous for),
  • Yamaha FS1R sounds: A set of digital crysal clear basses to remind you of the 1980’s, as well as some using the formant-modelling capabilities of this synth)

KSP Patches – A set of Kontakt KSP scripts that enhance the realism of the instruments. We’ll be sampling the “real” basses across the whole fretboard – so one of these patches will be keeping track of which “virtual position” the bass players hand is in and selecting the correct sample/note to play. Trust us it makes it sound like a real person with a real instrument…