Our Products

You can certainly buy products form us right here, though we think the Everything 4 Ever subscription might be a better bet. It’s cheaper for a start. Checkout Everything 4 Ever, you might be surprised and pleased.

Over the years we’ve developed a range of unique and interesting products, both on our own and with development partners like Zero-G and DrumDrops. Our stuff you can buy right here..



Slice Bundle – All 6 Slice products £75.00

Grid Machine Bundle – All 4 machines £35.00
Drum Factory Bundle – All 5  Drum factories £25.00
Grid Machine Drums – All 4 GM Drum Machines £35.00
Recoil – Innovative Drum Sound Designer £35.00
Folio Bass £75.00

Plus our own products and those from many of our development partnerships can be found these days on KontaktHub