Turning sound into instruments


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We combine your audio with our software and together make a virtual instrument that you can sell. You select an engine, then select some add-on functionality and we combine these with your audio and deliver your unique professional virtual instrument.

Core Engines

ROMpler Drum ROMpler Drum Machine Loop Player
ScreenShotV1 DrumROMplerMixerScreenShot DrumFactoryDesignerScreenShot ScreenShot_main

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We have a simple yearly licensing fee, no hidden costs, you have no sales reporting or accounting to do for us.

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Year 2


Year 3+


Our product includes major and minor updates, so you and your customers always have the latest version, with multiple updates planned for each engine each year. This offers you “sales/promotion” opportunities, that provably increase your sales. We also offer year round support.
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Great! Just look through the Core Engines and the add-ons and cherry-pick what you want.

Then email us and we can start building your product double-quick.
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