Our primary ROMpler engine is: FORMULA 

FORMULA is anything but your standard ROMpler, providing playback of the original source sound and a formant-processed version(often giving a unique breathier sound), then allowing the user to cross-mix between these in real-time. FORMULA gives total control of the formant processing, glide, vibrato, and tremolo. On top of this is the low-pass filter on each voice, with dedicated LFO and envelopes. Even more there are the effects; the user selects from over 25 different effects in each effect slot, and can apply tempo-synced modulators to many components of the sound.

Check the demo video at: youTube

– Dual Voices – Standard and Formant based.
– Separate Voice tuning – in semi-tone increments. (New Feature)
– Separate Voice Gain Stages. (New Feature)
– Individual Pan, and Glide controls.
– 4 separate send effect controls for each voice.

In addition each voice has independent:
– Low pass filter. (New Feature)
– Filter LFO. (New Feature)
– AHDSR Filter envelope. (New Feature)
– Volume attack and release settings. (New Feature)
– Vibrato LFO.
– Tremelo LFO.

The Formant Voice also has.
– Formant control.
– Formant Speed control.
– Formant smoothing control.

All instruments additionally feature:
– Note unison (up to 4 separate voices per note including spread and fade times)
– Trance Gate – including tempo, number of steps, and gate retriggering.
– extensive modulation system, with nearly all controls modulatable with tempo-syncing, one-shot, retriggering and controlled randomisation (New Feature).

Coming soon.
– Monophonic/Polyphonic selection.
– Legato Processing (mono only).
– Oscillator Detune.

Finally each instrument includes the extensive ChannelRobot Effects controls. Each voice has 4 independent effects slots with selection from over 20 effects in each slot, plus 4 send effects slots with 5 FX options in each.

In addition we have Singular – a single voice engine, just like Formula but without the Formant processing.