What are Geared Audio?

Were a small, but we hope perfectly formed, audio development initiative here at Channel Robot. We specialise in turning audio and sample libraries, into saleable instruments for our clients.

What kind of instruments do you build?

These days most usually Kontakt Virtual Instruments, though sometimes VSTs/AUs or even stand-alone web-based instruments.

How does it work?

We have a number of “core engines”, these are  easily recognisable different types of virtual instrument: ROMpler, Drum ROMpler, Drum Machine, Loop Player etc. with more added all the time. We combine these with our add-on modules that do really cool (often unique) things, like sequencers, chord players, arpeggiators, MIDI file players etc. Remember not every add-on will work (or be sensibly paired) with every core engine. You decide what kind of instrument you want, and what add-on features you want, then we build it, and put your audio in it.

But if we have one recommendation right now its this: DONT do all your sampling before you contact us. Some of the core engines have pretty strict guidelines of how and what they can handle in terms of audio, so talk to us first (that costs nothing) and we can guide you through the audio development process so you dont have to do lots of extra work.

What does it cost?

We have a fixed price licensing system, you get an instrument and you can sell as many as you like to whoever you like. Included in the license for each year are free support and free upgrades(there are usually at least one major upgrade each year). Our License fees are:

Year 1     – £1000.00

Year 2     – £  750.00

Year 3+   – £  500.00

Woah, I can get an instrument from <company x> for half that price, why would I choose you?

First we suggest you look closely at what you are actually getting – including looking closely at our offer.  If you take a close look at <company x>’s offer make sure it’s not “we build it so you can use it” rather than “we build it so you can sell it”. If they are licensing you a product to on-sell, as we are, then fine, but even then there’s a bunch of other things to consider.

Versions: We’ve been building and selling Kontakt based instruments for several years now, and our experience has shown that sales of your instrument get a big bump every time you release a new feature or version. So we plan on 2 minor and 1 major update in every product every year, so that’s 3 sales opportunities you gain with us.

Support: We offer year round support for all our instruments.

Quality: As we say we’ve been doing this for a long time, these are commercially proven products, often with great reputations and reviews from the recognised music mags and on-line blogs.  

Do you take a cut of my sales?

Nope, not a penny, all yours, and the best of luck to you too.

Do I own the code?

No, Geared Audio retain all rights to the code in the product, you can sell your product to anyone you like, as long as you have a license, but you can’t use the code in another product or sell the code separately, or let your customers do so either.

Do I own the sounds?

Yes all yours of course. You can sell them separately from the product you commissioned from us, in any way you choose, as often and for as long as you like.

Can I use my own graphics?

Yes, each core engine and each add-on has a “Reskinning Guide” we can send you, you can change the look of the instrument to be uniquely yours or go with our default graphics, your call.

How do I start?

Take a look at the core engines and decide which is right for you, then browse through the add-on descriptions to see what additional functionality you’d like to add. Next send us an email and we can get started. If you can’t see which engine suits your needs then let us know, one of the core-engines might be right up your street given a careful tweak or two, or we may have what you need already waiting in the wings.

What if I dont have the audio, just the idea?

We can create the audio too, but it’s a separate cost.

I hear you have a pretty cool authentication system. Is that included?

Well we did have a pretty cool authentication system, and it wasn’t unbreakable, but it was pretty good. We don’t do this anymore. It used to involve an additional per-code cost to you, but that turned out to be about the same price you’d pay to Continuata, and their system has water-marking and high-speed download. So if you want some means of stopping the pirating of your product we suggest you speak to them, mention that we sent you – though we dont get any financial return for recommending them.