DrumROMplerMixerScreenShot Our Drum ROMpler is called: STUDIO

STUDIO is one of the most comprehensively featured Drum ROMpler on the market, way beyond standard products, adding a highly usable intuitive interface, up to 48 different channels and subchannels, sound design features, the capability to ship up to 120 different instruments inside the product so the user can build completely custom kits along with extensive playback control over randomisation, MIDI filtering and mapping, CC control and poly-after touch for instrument choking. Again the user selects from over 25 different effects in each channel as well as user-selected send and master effects. This is the MOTHER of all Drum ROMplers.

  • Intuitive Mixer interface
  • 48 channel(12 mixer channels x 4 sub-mixer channels each)
  • User Defined layouts – Channel position swapping
  • 4 user selected effects per channel
  • 4 user selected send effects
  • 4 user-selected master effects
  • Std mixer controls – pan, gain, solo, mute, phase invert
  • User selected outputs for each channel
  • Up to 10 of each instrument in a product, eg 10 different snares
  • Up to 120 different instruments in total
  • Load or retain drum options on instrument change(multi percussion pieces loaded at once)
  • Intuitive kit definition interface
  • Instrument load/unload
  • channel load/unload
  • per channel dynamic note processing(velocity, volume and Tuning)
  • per instrument input filtering
  • per instrument tuning
  • Instrument specific legato processing
  • Instrument choke groups using polyphonic aftertouch
  • CC note override processing with user-defined profiles
  • MIDI maps for most major Drum ROMplers (Superior, BFD, etc.)
  • Alternating articulations
  • Randomisation of timing, tuning, velocity and EQ