GEARED AUDIO - Drum Machine

DrumFactoryDesignerScreenShotOur main drum machine is FACTORY

FACTORY is the ultimate hybrid Drum Machine, using samples, and oscillator-emulation to give end users enormous control over each drum sound they create. Each drum is made up of three elements. Each elements has controls for low-pass and hi-pass filters, envelope and sends. All these add up to a unique creative instrument.

   Place each of these drums in its own mixer channel with independent randomisation control and effects and you have a truly powerful drum design and playback mechanism. Combine this with one or more of the add-on sequencers and you have a massively powerful drum machine.

  • Intuitive Mixer interface
  • 12 mixer channels (12 instruments)
  • User Defined layouts – Channel position swapping
  • Std mixer controls – pan, gain, solo, mute, phase invert
  • 4 user selected effects per channel
  • 4 user selected send effects
  • 4 user-selected master effects
  • User selected outputs for each channel
  • Randomisation of timing, tuning, velocity
  • Intuitive powerful and original 3-element Instrument design page
  • Select 3 different sound sources for each instrument
  • 12 different instruments
  • 20+ sound sources per instrument
  • 1 shot and looped sources
  • Independent Volume and tuning for each sound source
  • Independent envelopes for each sound source
  • Independent Low Pass and High Pass filters for each source