The first thing to say here is not every add-on works sensibly with every core engine, the Chord Player isn’t going to sound good paired with FACTORY, the Drum Machine, but many do so choose away and then get in touch with your proposed configuration.


2D Arp

Well like most of our add-ons it’s easier to see and hear than it is to describe, but imaging a simple sequencer behind every single note on the keyboard that starts whenever you press a key and you get the theoretical idea. What it does is turn the arpeggiator into a monster creative machine.


Conditional Sequencer

It looks at first glance like a fairly standard x0x0x0 sequencer, until you realise its modulating all sorts of parts of the sound(volume, pan, voice, pitch etc. etc.) and every modulation decision (to act or not) is conditional on some random number generator.

Matrix Sequencer

It also looks at first glance like a fairly standard x0x0x0 sequencer, until you realise every one of those rows is independent, and the “cursor” moving about in each row is also independent, so all sorts of strange patterns and behaviours show up pretty quickly

Phrase Sequencer

Poly rhythmic anyone? simple three note phrases are played in each of 8 channels, when they are triggered depends on the likelihood in each step.

Pulse Sequencer

Essentially a network of nodes that respond to and interact with each other and the pulse generator.

Chain Sequencer

More node madness, this time branching and filtering as we go, and allowing a variable sized network that can be recursive, so odd-time signatures can easily be created.

Maze Sequencer

Like mice in a maze notes wander around following simple rules, and they make a sound when they hit a wall.

Shuffle Sequencer

Classic sequencer tracks, but with note velocity and likelihood settings(so you can add grace notes) and the ability to shuffle the pattern randomly at pattern end.


Note Generators

Chord Player

A set of chords, and different sets can be loaded, assigned to notes on the keyboard, handy but not unique. Now add a simple 1,2,3 or 4 bar recorder to repeatedly play back your simple one note pattern and things get interesting.

MIDI File player

Load a single MIDI file and play it back, as well as chopping the file up into 32 separate segments that can be triggered and restarted at will. 


Simple, simple simple – make the arcs rotate and out tumble notes in a key…end user chooses speed, octave and key. Now make another arc to modulate the speed of all other arcs…. Sounds simple, sound lovely. (coming soon, where “soon” is a movable feast…)


Plankton float in the sea, when they are caught under a glass box they make a sound, different boxes different sounds. If the boxes didn’t also float about on their own and change size it might be a bit predictable…..(coming soon, where “soon” is a movable feast…)